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Using student-centred learning environments to stimulate ... Using student-centred learning environments to stimulate deep approaches to learning: Factors encouraging or discouraging their effectiveness. The role of self-concept clarity and students’ learning strategies. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 77 (2007), pp. 101-119. Google Scholar. Teacher-Centered Instruction - on student-centered techniques, many social studies teachers might be successfully using teacher-centered instruction in the classroom. It is hard to be certain, however, because as Cuban (1991) observes, studies of classroom observations are rare in social studies. In his summary of the studies that are available, he con- Types of Teaching Methods, Their Advantages and ... Pupil-centered teaching. The process of learning in this method is evenly shared between a teacher and a student. They both play an important role while studying and it is a complete opposite to teacher-centered approach. The teacher is like a coach to students. It is important to explain the new material and encourage understanding of it.


In contrast, in a learner-centered classroom, students are actively learning and they have activities and provided for greater student learning and a more authentic student assessment. Findings of Walsh Retrieved from: http:// pdf. Liu, Qiao  material being learned without being passive, but rather proactive. A variety of hands-on activities are administered in order to promote successful learning. Unique, yet distinctive learning styles are encouraged in a student-centred classroom. This paper reports the initial results of research relatedto student-centered learning in statistics education. Student-centered learning CL emphasizesgroup members to exchange information or materials, discuss the concepts and strategies. called "invention activities"). (example--scroll to p.4). Students make predictions or attempt to answer questions before learning about the answers centered activities for large enrollment undergraduate programs (SCALE-UP) project.” In E. F. 

28 Student-Centered Instructional Strategies

Learner-Centered Teaching Techniques. Learner-Centered Teaching Techniques are defined by a shift from a teacher or lecturer focused classroom environment to one that is focused on the needs of the students. Learning is an active search for meaning by the learner and constructed rather than passively received.