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25 May 2019 Knowing how to use relative clauses properly is essential for intelligent speaking and Is the relative clause a defining or non-defining relative clause? Here's How to Use Conditional Forms for Teaching ESL Students. As the name suggests, defining relative clauses give essential information to define or identify the person or thing we are talking about. Take for example the  I was invited by the professor whom I met at the conference. that, subject or object pronoun for people, animals and things in defining relative clauses (who or  Relative clauses/ relative pronouns PDFs and teaching tips. relative clauses Photocopiable relative clauses classroom activities Defining relative clauses 

24 defining and non-defining relative clause games. 1. Trivia sentence building challenge Give or brainstorm a list of things that trivia questions are often about, e.g. the Amazon, the Statue of Liberty and Einstein. Students should choose one of the things from the …

Identifying and non-identifying relative clauses « English ... Some relative clauses identify nouns. They tell us which noun or pronoun is meant. These kinds of clauses are called identifying, defining or restrictive relative clauses. The man who stole my car has been arrested by the police. (Here the relative clause 'who stole my car' identifies the noun man.) The book which you see on the table cost me twenty dollars. (Here the relative clause 'which Relative Clauses - English Grammar Non-Defining Relative Clauses Level: upper intermediate. Non-defining relative clauses (also called non-identifying relative clauses or non-restrictive relative clauses) give additional information on something, but do not define it. Non-defining relative clauses are put in …

Here's a worksheet on reduced relative clauses for you to check your students on reduced relative clauses. In the worksheet, students first need to decide whether the relative clause can be reduced or not, then make the necessary changes in the sentence to make it shorter.

Relative clauses | Learning English Grammar | Collins ... Defining and non-defining relative clauses There are two sorts of relative clause. Some relative clauses act rather like an adjective by providing more information about a particular noun. The people who live upstairs are having a party. I don’t like the music that they’re playing. The …